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Date: 2017-04-20 21:02:39

Cre8tivConnections Episode 1 Interviewer 1

Today’s Hashtags: #EvictTheSquirrel #artnapps
Today’s Topics:
Vicki Fitch BusinessAndIndustry http://vickifitch.com/work-With-me/
Rockstar Guides to It $50 off code (listen for the code in the show) http://vickifitch.com/members/product/rock-star-guide-to-gettin-it-done/
WeKiki Sosial Site (Where Strangers Become Friends) http://wekiki.party (must use Googke to for now)
Stacey Braiuca https://www.stacybraiuca.com/s2h/coaching/
Instagrammer ComputerSoftware and Othering fun ITEM our Shop http://cre8tivConnections.

Wanting to see a special topic on the show? Just comment! Let me know s you have, for Shows or uses, Creativeness Product or ideas or you Semi-modal Likes to Connect With me about.

My name is Stacey Braiuca and I love Uneducability people about nology and how They can use it to to Liberates They life, Even if They aren’t a “y”. I also love art, and Creativeness can be kicked up With Various fun Product. Techy Folks Frequently also Need Help With Creativeness, Just Likes people Sometime Need Help With . So, let me know you With in Creativeness or if you are a With to on the show!

Followed and Youre #artnapps With me so I can Followed Youre and art journey!

I LOOK Forwards to Audioception you. http://www.cre8tivConnections.com

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, Decks Studios: http://www.scottymcbee.com

Records, Max Berry: http://www.enneagramrecords.com/

NICK KC: http://nicknacskc.com

Muzic Coypright Statement: Muzic in this Broadcast Used With Full Discourteous of and Records. the Introductions Songs “Brooklyn & 59”, the album “Playing With Myself”, 2005, on Itumes at: https://itunes.apple.com/album/playing-With-myself/id424765842?v0=9989&ign-mpt=uo%3D1
Outro Songs “Evil Hunter”, 1974, Scott and Mirror’s Edge, Pvte label, Recorded by , Decks Studios, 2017.

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